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A Wallpaper Mural Will Definitely Make a Big Impact!

I love quick, affordable, easy ways to style a room. A wallpaper mural will definitely make a big impact! Not only does it give you a WoW wall, but it also has the ability to add more colors and detail into a room that aren’t as easily accessible in furniture and other statement pieces. 

I have an Airbnb that has a large wall  I wanted to stand out and make a statement.  I found Photowall and they have so many beautiful wall murals. I knew a mural would be exactly what I needed in my space. 

I had so much fun searching through the murals and wallpaper selection Photowall has. I found it easy to choose a mural that worked for my space. I was so pleased with how quickly I received the mural. 

It was pretty easy to install and only took two hours for two people to put up. I have a discount code just for you. Use ‘Design25’ for 25% off. 

I’m sure you have a space in your home that could come alive with wallpaper. Now when guests come into my Airbnb they see something unique that no one else has that makes a lasting impression.